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We are a non-profit dedicated to celebrating

and preserving Minnesota's rural heritage. 

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Chasing Barn Dreams

from FOMB's newsletter "The Barn Door"

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A Coffee Chat at this barn on July 25th, 2015!


Barns Then

Barns connected our ancestors to the land and to each other.  They helped pioneers survive, emigrants prosper and ultimately enabled the Golden Age of Minnesota farming.  As reminders of these past lifeways, they embody the values of our forebears.  


Barns Now

Barns remain an iconic part of the Minnesota landscape.  Like rural heritage in many parts of the world, however, Minnesota barns are in gradual decline.  Having outlived their original purpose, due to mechanization and changing market forces, old barns are often neglected by owners  who can't justify the cost of repairs.   


Our Organization

Friends of Minnesota Barns seeks to raise public awareness of the value and vulnerability of these humble yet beautiful  structures.